Monday, August 30, 2010

CT Call For Kellybell Designs

Alright you Disney scrappers, here is the chance you've been waiting for.  Kellybell Designs is having a Creative Team call.  She'd like to add a few more designers to her team.  Her kits are fabulous and so versatile.  You've seen all the kits advertised here and all the awesome layouts and freebies her team has created for you.  Check out all her kits and freebies on her blog HERE.  Now's your chance to send in an application.  Here's the invitation with all the details.  Good luck to you!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Made A Globe!!!

I've seen lots of awesome cover pages for scrapbook albums, it's hard to figure out which ones to choose from.  However, when I saw these picture globes from some of the folks at Mousescrappers, I knew that I'd eventually have to make one for my June 2009 trip album.  There's an awesome tutorial HERE at Mousescrappers you need to check out that gives you some guidance about how to make the picture globe and the reflections.  So here is my cover page, I loved the way it turned out!!!

I used Kellybell's kit called 'Hollywood Vacation!'.  It's one of her older kit.  I'd like to scrap some of my Hollywood Studios pages with it sometime.  Head over to Kelly's store HERE to find this kit.

I'm just so excited to have a cover page and a back page for my album.  I've just got about 8-10 more pages to scrap before this album is complete.  Hope you've got a good week planned.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hosting The Mousescrappers Template Challenge!

I'm super excited today to be hosting the template challenge at Mousescrappers.  You know how I love to make templates, so this was the best place for me to start hosting a challenge.  I've been thinking about which template to use, and I sorta already had a favorite in mind.  This was the layout I used as my inspiration:

Then I scrapped another layout of our meeting with Queen Amidala.

So here is the template for the Mousescrappers template challenge.  It's got some triangles so you can have fun coordinating your papers.  Scrap your disney page and come participation in the Mousescrappers Template Challenge HERE.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Merit Badge From Natalie's Place Designs

We went to see the UP movie last May.  I really had no idea what to expect.  The boys thought Russell was totally awesome!!  They memorized the scene when Russell comes to Carl's door and says "Good afternoon, my name is Russell, and I am a wilderness explorer...."  They thought that scene was hilarious!!  UP was just a great movie.  We got to see the characters at Hollywood Studios last June, they were adorable.  Today, Natalie's Place Designs is releasing a kit called 'Merit Badge' that has lots of cool elements right from the movie.  Cute merit badges, the 'Ellie pin', and great patterned papers.  Take a look at this great kit and then head over to her blog HERE to grab 'Merit Badge' and her freebies.

We got to see the UP characters again during our April trip this year.  Russell is the character they like the best.  Here's a 2-page layouts I made for our character meeting.  Can you tell that my boys are just ga-ga over all these Disney characters!!

For your freebie today, I have an UP wordart and sign.  Enjoy!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mousescrapper Challenge Layouts

It's been so quiet around the house since both boys are now in school!!  I got to scrap a layout for the Mousescrappers weekly challenge and template challenge.  This week's template was a multi-block template.  And Denise offered 2 versions where one had double the photo blocks.  I've been thinking about what to do for a cover page and a back page for my June trip album.  This template was perfect to use for the back cover.  If you'd like to pick up these templates, grab them at Mousescrappers in the template challenge forum HERE.  On Saturday, I get to host the template challenge at Mousescrappers, so make sure you check out their forum to grab my template.

The weekly challenge was all about titles.  I wanted to do a big picture of Cinderella's castle, so I thought I'd try that for my layout.  I had some pictures of us in front of the castle and needed to scrap it somehow.  I used Kellybell Designs 'Where It All Began' kit for this layout.  I loved the gold stars and gold castle elements.

Since the challenge was all about titles, I'm offering the Magic Kingdom title as my freebie gift to you today.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Started!!

Yesterday was the first day of elementary school.  My youngest started kindergarten so it was a very exciting day!!  So we now have a second grader and kindergartener.  It's a very long day, school goes from 7:45am to 2:45pm.  Both boys said they had a pretty good day.  So we'll see if their opinion changes once homework really kicks in.  Meanwhile, I get to enjoy some extra quiet time and a little bit more time for scrapping.  Here are the boys on their very first day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Epcot Layout

Well, I didn't do much scrapping this weekend.  My son had his 8-year old birthday party with his friends at Blazer Tag.  They get suited up with a vest and a big laser gun and run around a huge playzone arena and shoot each other.  Perfect for 8-year old boys, at least he thought so.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for the boys, so I guess it has been a busy weekend.  Just not for scrapping.

Kellybell has been away on a trip to Disneyworld last week, so I've been exploring her older kits.  Here's a layout I made with 'A World of Memories'.  It has wonderful silver, red and black colors.

You can grab her kit HERE at her store.

And I made an Epcot frame for you.  The colors are wonderful!!  Enjoy!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Kit For A Wooden Boy From Natalie's Place Designs

"I'm a real boy!!" said Pinocchio!!!  The little wooden boy becomes human - what a sweet story.  And now a kit to scrap that sweet story - 'No Strings Attached' from Natalie's Place Designs.  The blue, yellow and red papers all coordinate well with Pinocchio.  Plus that hat is adorable!!  Take a peek:

Jump over to Natalie's blog HERE to purchase this kit and grab her freebies.  We were on our way out of Magic Kingdom heading back to the hotel to swim.  I spotted Pinocchio in the corner, right before the exit.  We'd never met him before so we headed over.  He's a pretty short guy!!  And he was very shy. 

Natalie hosted the Mousescrappers weekly challenge last week, and the Blue Tiled Alpha was the participation prize.  I thought it went well with the Pinocchio layout.  Here's some cute freebies for you.  Remember, leave some love.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

His & Hers Alpha From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie's Place Designs has a new alpha kit that contains 2 alphas for you -- one red, one black.  One for scrapping Mickey and one for scrapping Minnie!  How cute!!  Take a look.

Jump over HERE to Natalie's blog to pick up this alpha.  Here's a layout I made with it.  The template is by Kris616 for the template challenge this week at Mousescrappers.  I used Natalie's 'She's My Gal' kit for this as well.

Are you waiting for the freebie??  Well here it is!!  Enjoy.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Natalie's Place Designs Announces Stormin The Castle

Epcot World Showcase is a wonderful place to stroll through the countries.  This past April, we finally made it through Norway and went on the Viking ride called Maelstrom.  Today, Natalie's Place Designs is announcing her newest kit called 'Stormin The Castle'.  Isn't that an awesome title??  Very intriguing!!  This kit is perfect for scrapping your visit through Norway and dining at Akershus.  Here it is:

You can find her kit and those fabulous freebies on her blog HERE.  I made a layout of the country of Norway in Epcot and then another layout of my boys trying to pull the sword out of the stone from our April trip to Disney.  I loved all the browns and blues in this kit!!

This kit has a sword in it, so for my boys that's two thumbs up!!!  So of course, that's what you'll get in my freebie today.  Enjoy!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Wars Layouts & Template Freebie #6

One of these days I'm going to finish my scrapbook for our June 2009 Disneyworld trip!!!  I probably have less than 10 layouts to go, most of them from Star Wars Weekends.  Here are a few of the Star Wars layouts I made this weekend.  First is a 2-page layout of the Star Wars parade.  There were so many cool characters in the parade, it was soooo awesome!!

Here's a layout I did for the Mousescrappers template challenge hosted by Fran98765.  Head over to Mousescrappers to pick up this template.  Isn't Darth Maul just the ultimate in scary bad guy!!!

And here's the other Star Wars bad guy, Darth Vader.

Lastly, for the Mousescrappers weekly challenge hosted by Natalie, you needed to create a layout where the focus was more on journalling your story.  So I told the story of our week at Star Wars Weekends.

To create that layout, I wanted a border of pictures, but I couldn't find a good template for that.  So I had to create one myself.  So here's that template for you.  Enjoy!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sharing More Layouts & Template Freebie #5

Seems like it's been a slower week for me making new layouts.  I wanted to share a few recent layouts I made.  First was for the speed scrap last week at Mousescrappers using Dede Smith's kit called 'Terabithia'.

Next was the boys trying to pull the sword out of the stone at FantasyLand.  I used Brittish Designs 'A Knight's Tale' for this layout.

And last was our meeting with Donald Duck using Laurie's Scraps 'Magic Moments' kit.

I've got another template freebie for you.  I like layering papers and finding new ways to do that.  This template has some fun layered circles.  Remember this layout I made for Cape May Cafe using Natalie's Place Designs 'Sing In The Sunshine' kit?  Now you can try it!!

Hope you have fun with this template!!  Enjoy!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Polynesian Paradise From Kellybell Designs

This is certainly the week for tropical dreams and Hawaiin breezes!!  You can just hear the Polynesian drum beats coming when you take a look at Kellybell's newest kit called 'Polynesian Paradise'.  There's tiki gods, torches and lots of hibiscus in this kit.  Plus some adorable beach elements for scrapping your pool and ocean layouts.  Check it out:

Kelly also is releasing 2 sets of word art packages.  Perfect if you've stayed at the Polynesian Resort at Disneyworld.  Isn't that alpha just fabulous!!

Head over to her store HERE to purchase her kit and browse around for a while at all the fabulous kits she has for sale.  Here are the 2 layouts I made.  Hard to believe they came from the same kit!!  So many ways you can scrap with this kit.

Kelly's fabulous Creative Team has a Polynesian Paradise Freebie Fest for you!!  You should have arrived from A Grieving Mommy.  My freebie for you today is a tropical page border and a sign for Ohana's Character Breakfast.  Thank you for leaving some wonderful and encouraging comments for me.  Nice to know I have some fans out there!  Your next stop is M2 Digital Designs.  If you get lost along the way, click HERE to go to Kellybell's blog for the entire trail.  Have fun with all these freebies and leave the girls some love!!