Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Template #59

Good morning and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Whatcha got going on this weekend?  Any picnics, bar-b-ques, parades or pool parties?  We are heading up to Arlington to see a Texas Rangers baseball game.  It will be the first one the boys have ever seen so we are super excited to go!  We've got all our Rangers shirts and hats ready to go, the boys even want to wear their baseball pants and bring their gloves (in case we can catch any fly balls).  So that's our big event for the weekend!

Here is the layout inspiration for this next template.  We are huge Jack Sparrow fans in this house.

The more pictures, the merrier for me.  Here is template freebie #59.  Hope you have something fun planned for this long holiday weekend.  Enjoy the template!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Laughing Monsters From Kellybell Designs

Have you seen Monsters Inc?  It was released in the Fall of 2001-- can you remember that long ago?  The story line was really neat.  The city of Monstropolis gets all of its power from the screams of little children made by monsters scaring them at night.  The utility company called Monsters Inc has 2 main employees - Sulley and Mike Wazowski.  They're funny looking but very adorable and lovable.  When a little girl named Boo accidentally get let into the monster world, everything gets crazy.  These cute and cuddly characters can be found at Disney for meet and greets.  And usually these characters are very playful when you meet them.  For scrapping all your monster madness photos, Kellybell Designs has a bright and bold new kit today called....

'Laughing Monsters' is a fresh and funky kit full of awesome purples, blues and greens.  It's perfect for scrapping some hugs with Sulley, or posing with that one-eyed monster Mike, or for photos with little Boo.  You'll find this kit is filled with crayons, flairs, frames, twisted wires, hard hat, megaphone, buttons, door, journal tags, and a cute green monster.  It's just fabulous!

Check out the cool alpha that's included.  It's blue outlined in glittery purple.  Here's a set of 5 word art titles you're gonna love.  Use one up top for a title and one in the middle of your page for a sub title.

It's hard to live without Kelly's paper stacks.  Look at all those layered papers and awesome clusters.

Gotta have these page starters too!  There's 2 page borders, 2 frame clusters and one cluster strip.  These are so fun to use in your layouts.

Don't you just love all this!!!  The colors in this collection are so fun.  You can find all of Kelly's new releases at for 25% off this weekend only.  So grab all of them and get scrapping!

Check out Kellybell Designs blog to take a look at all the CT layouts with this fabulous collection.  Here's what I created with 'Laughing Monsters'.

For some matching freebies from this kit, I've got 2 for you today. I'm hosting Abby's freebie today.  It's a beautiful word art title.


And this is my paper stack freebie.  You can also head on over to Julie's Blog to find another freebie.    Have fun scrapping all your monsters!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Gorgeous Kit From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie's got a gorgeous collection to share with you today.  Inspired by Sleeping Beauty, this kit is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful princess and is called 'Briar Rose'.

This kit contains 20 papers, 9 unique flowers, a flower wreath, 10 ribbons, a baker's twine, three stitch elements, 4 buttons, one bunting, 3 banner flags, one banner, a fanfare trumpet, a castle, a cloud, a princess paper doll, a deer, a squirrel, an owl, a tree branch. a bluebird, an antique book, 3 bows, a doily, a clip, 4 frames, a spinning wheel, 2 word tags, a sparkle trail, 2 flourishes, a crown, a fireworks element, a flair, a stonework element,  a golden overlay, and three alphas. 

To complement this kit, Natalie has made a set of Page Starters and Word Arts which are a wonderful collection of premade items that make scrapping a layout a quick and easy task.

My boys are not much into princesses.  This was at Cinderella's Royal Table which was a meal inside the castle that I really wanted to go to.  The stuffed french toast is amazing.  Plus I like the beautiful stained glass windows inside the castle.  I used a border and frame cluster from the Page Starters, then added in a word art title.  It was very quick to whip up a layouts using these premade items.

All of Natalie's kits are very versatile. Since this kit had some pinks and purples, I scrapped a Daisy page and loved how the colors matched perfectly to her.

Your freebie today is a paper stack.  It's a little bit girly, hope you like it.  Enjoy and have a great week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Template Freebie #58

Happy Saturday!  What do you have planned for today?  You'll never believe what is happening for us -- yup it's baseball!  The tournament is in full swing and should be over at the end of next week.  It's all very exciting!  Plus my boys watch the Texas Rangers baseball games on TV every night, so there is no shortage of baseball in our house.  Grab your glove and come on over!

Here is my layout for inspiring this next template.

Here is your template freebie #58.  Hope you can scrap something fun with it!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Remember The Magic Of Boom Pow!

Watching fireworks is just magical!  It's hard to believe you can get so much color and beauty sparkled across a black sky.  Whether it be a fireworks display on the Fourth Of July, New Year's Eve, or at a Disney park for Illuminations or Wishes, your jaw will be dropping open after each loud boom with joyful expressions of oohs and ahhhs.  It's enough to give you goosebumps.

Today, Kellybell Designs is adding to a popular collection with lots of new goodies. 
Let's Remember The Magic of....

'Boom Pow!' was first introduced in May 2011 and was inspired by all the fabulous Disney fireworks shows. This kit has all the essentials for scrapping the perfect fireworks layout.  First, there's 3 large fireworks bursts, lots of stars and swirls, and several coordinating flowers and ribbons.  Next, Kelly's added 4 adorable square flairs, some cool sparkles and splats, and much more.  There's 15 papers in a mix of turquoise, pink and black along with a few glittery papers for that extra sparkle.  And lastly, a silver metallic full alpha.  Check out the coordinating word art pack.

If you don't already have the 'Boom Pow!' kit and word art in your scrapping stash, you can grab it for 50% off at this weekend only.

Kelly is adding to the collection with a brand new Add-On, Word Art, Page Starters and Paper Stacks.  The Add-On gives you 7 new papers and 20 elements.  There's 4 ribbon word tags that can add a great accent to your fireworks photos as well as a frame, banner, stitching, flowers, firecrackers and more star bursts.  

And if you want to give your layouts a jump start, you can select one of four Paper Stacks as your background, drop in a border or cluster frame from the Page Starters, place a Word Art title on top and you're just about done creating your page.  I really love how these can speed up your scrapping time!

This new collection of the 'Boom Pow!' add-on, paper stacks, word art and page starters will be on sale this weekend only for 25% off.  You know the drill here - grab them while they have a discounted price!!  All of Kelly's designs can be found at

The colors in 'Boom Pow!' are so bright and fun.  Here's what I scrapped:

It's always fun finding out what Kelly's Creative Team has made for you with each new release.  Here's where you need to visit today to find 3 treasures.  Have a great weekend!

JamieB - Scrappin Frame Of Mind
JessicaP - The Apples Of My Everything
Lisa - Lisa Campbell Designs

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Understanding Scrapping Terms Of Use

Today I'm going to talk about all the terms of use for digital scrapping kits.  This blog post has no pictures - YIKES - and we're talking about all the "fine print" so make sure you've got those reading glasses on!

It's very simple if you're just creating layouts for yourself, creating photo books or printing out your pages to slip into your scrapbook albums.  But if ever you want to expand out further than that with digital scrapping, you venture into a more complex world of figuring out what you can and can't do with a kit you just bought.  So let's see if we can summarize all the terms of use and make it simpler to understand.

Have you seen all these terms:
PU (personal use)
S4H (scrap for hire)
S4O (scrap for others)
CU (commercial use)
CU4CU (commercial use for commercial use)
CU4PU (commercial use for personal use)

When you purchase a digital scrapbooking product, you are not only getting the image itself but also the right to use it as specifically outlined in the designer's Term Of Use.  It can all be very confusing because each designer has their own Terms of Use that they publish with each product.  Even freebies come with a set of usage terms.

Personal Use allows you to use the items inside the kit to create layouts and hybrid projects that you will keep for yourself.  Typically you can also share those layout images in online galleries, blogs and publications as long as you give credit to the designer.  You cannot share these products with other people, resell them or give them away as a freebie.  Majority of the digital kits found in stores are for personal use only.  As long as it remains in your house for your own personal enjoyment, then everything is OK.  Once you start using these items to give to other people or sell them, you're no longer considered personal use.

Scrap For Hire means that you are being hired and paid by another person to create a product for them.  That product may be a scrapbook album, birthday cards, or invitations that you create as part of your small home business.  You are allowed to use the digital kits to create these products as long as you provide the client with a flattened image of the final product.    That way the clients never get access to all the individual elements and papers.  Usually a designer will dictate a maximum volume of items that can be printed - for example the Terms may state that you can only print out up to 300 party invitations for one client.

Scrap For Others is very similar to Scrap For Hire and will sometimes be combined and called the same thing. The difference is that you are creating these products for others but not getting paid for them.  For example, you might create a scrapbook for your teacher as an end of the year classroom gift.  Because you are providing it for someone else, it's no longer considered personal use and you'll need to only give them the flattened images.

Commercial Use products are sold to designers as design tools for creating digital kits and hybrid products for sale.  These products may be elements, overlays, layer styles, actions and other items and tools to create a product for sale.  Typically you'll need to modify the items by recoloring them or adding textures or blends.  Some designers state that you'll need to give them credit if you use their product in your digital kit, others will state that "no credit is required".

Commercial Use For Commercial Use means that you can use these designer items and tools as is or modified to include in a commercial use product you want to sell.

Commercial Use For Personal Use means that you can use these items for creating a kit that will be sold for personal use only.

Phew, is your head spinning now??  You almost need to have a law degree to read all the Terms of Use documents - LOL!  But now that you know some basic terms, it should be a little bit easier to understand.  Designer put in lots of time, effort and love into their digital creations.  It's always important to read those Terms Of Use documents to make sure you are abiding by the designers wishes.  So next time you are unzipping a new kit you just bought, take a peek at the designer's Terms Of Use document as well.

  Thanks for reading all the fine print with me.  Have a fabulous week!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Konnichiwa Volume 2 From Natalie

It was 2 years ago that Natalie started her blog and began offering her designs for sale.  Wow!  Think of all the amazing kits she's done in that amount of time!  How many kits of hers do you own?  If you're a Disney fanatic, then you probably own a bunch of them!  Natalie will start retiring some of her kits starting this week and revamping several of them.  Today her focus is Japan.

Konnichiwa will be offered for $1 and then retired forever.  So hop on over to Natalie's Blog Store to pick this one up.

To replace that kit, Natalie has updated and redesigned that collection.  Check out the new Konnichiwa Vol 2 which has 12 papers, 5 ribbons, 1 ricrac, 1 piece of string, 1 piece of  twine, 2 buttons, 1 staple, 1 line of stitching, 4 frames, 1 bow, 5 flowers, 3 foliage clusters, 3 folded paper circles, one chopstick, 3 drums, a temple, a cherry blossom branch, a butterfly, a japanese fan, a torri gate, a rice bowl, a paint brush, an oyster with pearl, a tag, two word tags, a pearl scatter, 14 miscellaneous elements and two alphas. 

With this new collection, Natalie also has a set of word art title, some page starters and a gorgeous set of paper stacks.

I adore Natalie's paper stacks and couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  I scrapped 2 pages super quick.

I just loved both of Natalie's new alphas in this kit so I made a word art title for you.  Hope you like it!  Make sure you check out Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog to find their fabulous freebies as well.

Saturday Template Freebie #57

Good morning!  Hope you've had a great week so far and picked up lots of goodies during National Scrapbooking Day last Saturday.  We've been swamped with a ton of rain this week.  All the Little League baseball games have been cancelled this week so my boys are pretty bummed out.  Matthew's first playoffs game is tonight so I'm hoping it will stay dry and we can play ball.

I love having at least 4 photos on a layout.  It really worked here with the photos of my son playing with his fireman's hat.  So here is the inspiration for my next layout.

And here is your Saturday freebie template #57.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Taste of Magic By Kellybell Designs

One of the most popular character meals at Disneyworld is Chef Mickey's.  The place just buzzes with excitement and fun.  It's a fabulous way to meet the Fab Five characters and to eat a yummy breakfast or dinner.  The characters are dressed up in white aprons and chef hats.  And you can't miss out on the dessert buffet with a make your own sundae station.  It's a must-do every trip.

Kelly's newest collection was inspired by all the fun colors and characters at Chef Mickey's.
Take a look at her newest designs called...

Wow!  Isn't this just perfect for scrapping your character meetings with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto at Chef Mickey's?  The red, black and white colors are fabulous for picnics and family dinners, even for dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe where the waiters yell out for "Ketchup!!!'.  Inside this kit you'll find 15 papers in fun checked patterns and stripes.  And look at all the amazing elements like chef's hat, apron, plates, cutlery, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, mustard and ketchup bottles, flairs, camera and much more.

Kelly's included 2 sets of alphas inside this kit.  Look at the fabulous set of word art titles she made for you.

Here's a wonderful assortment of paper stacks.  These make it so easy to start your layouts.  The background papers are stacked together and several clusters adorn the sides and corners.  So pretty!

And lastly, there's a set of 5 page starters.  A gorgeous mix of frames and borders.

All of Kelly's new releases are on sale for 25% off until Sunday midnight.  So if you've been looking for a fresh new kit for scrapping your Chef Mickey pages, this is a collection you'll certainly need to grab!  Head on over to to pick up 'A Taste of Magic' and to browse lots of other great kits.
Now let's take a peek at some CT inspiration.

Check out what I scrapped with 'A Taste of Magic'.  Every trip, we plan our last evening dinner at Chef Mickey's.  It's the perfect way to wrap up our vacation before we have to fly home the next day.  The boys love the interaction with the Fab Five.  This last trip, Andrew was determined to ask Minnie if she would be his girlfriend!

Kelly's Creative Team always comes up with some gorgeous freebies to complement the new release.  Today your journey will take you to visit Jenn's BlogJessicaK's Blog and Wendy's Blog.  You'll find 3 fabulous freebies!  Can't wait to see what you can create with this amazing new collection.  Have fun scrapping and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Cool Unzipping Tool - Extract Now

It's very handy to have a useful tool for unzipping all your digital scrapping files and freebies.  When you purchase a kit, you download several files (elements, papers, alphas, templates, word art).  Sometimes these are ZIP files and sometimes they may be RAR files.

A while back I found a very cool tool called Extract Now that's a very easy drag-n-drop tool for unzipping my files.  I thought WinZip was way too confusing and other tools couldn't handle RAR files.  Extract Now is a great time saver!  For me, I love finding a simple tool that does the job you want without all kinds of extra fancy bells and whistles.

You can download the free Extract Now software HERE at their site.  Once you install it, you'll want to make one quick edit in the settings.  If you click on the Settings button on the bottom left, you'll get a pop up window with several options.  Under Destination, I check these 3 options which will create a folder in the same directory that your zip is stored in.

Here's how it works.  I open up Windows Explorer and Extract Now and minimize the windows so that I can get both programs showing on my screen.  I highlight the ZIP or RAR files I want to unzip, and then drag and drop them into the Extract Now window.  Here's 4 files from Cheri's new Girls On Wheels kit.  I click on the Extract button on the bottom right corner and the program creates a folder for each zip file and quickly unzips everything.  Once I know everything unzipped properly, then I'll delete all the zip files.

It's very fast and very simple!  I've been using this program for a long time now and couldn't survive without it.  Hope you can use it too!  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kellybell Designs May Blog Challenge - A Kingdom of Magic

Get yourself ready for another brand new monthly blog challenge from Kellybell Designs.  The May challenge is called "A Kingdom of Magic".    Here's all the rules and instructions to play:
  • Scrap some fun at Magic Kingdom.  This can be from a ride, show, parade, dining, scenery etc (just not a character meet & greet or character dining). 
  • Follow these 3 instructions:  
    • Layouts must contain at least 3 photos 
    • Include a pixie dust trail 
    • Include a word art title.
  • Layouts should be made with 100% Kellybell products or freebies (you are allowed to use a template from another designer).  You are welcome to submit more than 1 layout.
  • Post your layout into the Challenges Gallery at Kellybell Designs by midnight EST May 31th
Two winners will be selected and announced the first week of June.  One winner will be chosen at random so all participants have a chance to win. The second winner will be selected as the most outstanding layout. Both winners will receive a gift certificate to Kellybell Designs store.

Kelly has several kits that are perfect for scrapping Magic Kingdom including Big Top, Cinderelly, Don't Ya Love A Parade, Land Of Adventure, On The Frontier, Return To Neverland, Spread Your Wings, Walking Down Main Street, Walk The Plank, and Wonderland.

Check out Kelly's blog to see lots more inspiration from her entire Creative Team and to find out who won the April Blog Challenge.  Here's my layout scrapping some fun at Magic Kingdom.  It's from Frontierland meeting up with Frontier Donald who is always lots of fun!