Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Add-On For Carsland From Kellybell Designs

Disneyland recently completed the new Carsland expansion and it's a fabulous themed area that features Lightning McQueen and his friend Tow Mater.  In honor of that new Cars addition, Kelly has her own additions to the 'Crossing The Finish Line' collection.  Let's Remember The Magic together as we expand 'Crossing The Finish Line' with a new Add-On kit, word art, page starters and paper stacks.  Take a look.


The new Add-On focuses on Mater's color scheme and brings in some gorgeous brown and orange colors.  The Add-On has 7 papers and 24 elements featuring a tow truck, desert scene, 3 flairs, license plate, road signs, flowers, ribbons, stitching, stars, and an adorable Cozy Cone Motel sign.  You'll also get a white transparent alpha.

Here's a set of 5 new word art titles that are perfect for the new Carsland area.


Plus, you can't live without the coordinating page starters and paper stacks.  I've come to rely on them for quick scrapping.



The new Add-On, Word Art, Page Starters and Paper Stacks can be purchased at for 25% off this weekend only.

And if you don't already own the 'Crossing The Finish Line' kit and word art, you can pick them up on sale for 50% off this weekend only.



Remember this Facebook Ad the first week of January?  It was Kelly's very first Facebook Freebie and she set a pretty lofty goal of getting 2012 Facebook fans in the year 2012.  So far this year, Kelly's added over 1,600 new Facebook fans. Wow!

To celebrate this very exciting milestone, Kelly has a new mini kit called 'Chipmunk Fun'.  It's just adorable and is filled with 9 papers and 29 elements that are fabulous for Fall scrapping and for your photos of Chip and Dale.

Head on over to Kellybell Designs Facebook Page to grab this exclusive fan freebie.  It will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss out on the chance to get this gorgeous mini kit for free.

Check out the layout I made using 'Crossing The Finish Line'.  This was a photo from the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot.  They had a topiary display of McQueen and Mater.  If you'd like to see more inspiration, you can check out all the Creative Team layouts at Kellybell Designs Blog.

So let's get your engines started and get ready to travel to 3 of Kelly's Creative Team blogs to pick up some matching freebies.  Travel first to Jenn's Blog, then to JessicaK's Blog and finally end up at my blog.  Today I've made you a corner cluster.  Can't wait to see what you can scrap with this new collection.  Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take Notice From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie's got the cutest mini kit today that's just right for scrapping your photos of Eeyore.  It's filled with beautiful greys, pinks and blues. This kit includes 11 papers, 7 ribbons, 6 flowers, 2 leaves, 2 flairs, three buttons, hem stitches, stitched button holes, 2 cloud elements, and umbrella, 2 crystal raindrops, a raindrop element, a balloon, a word tag, a safety pin, a glitter scatter, a bead scatter, bow, a tail element, a rainbow element, a swirl element, 2 frames, a twine, a twig, a heart, a cuddly donkey and a full alpha.

There's a coordinating pack of word art titles and page starters to match.

For our Eeyore pictures, I used the page starter cluster frames which made a great border along the left side.  And I added in a word art title and decorated around it all.  See how easy these page starters are to create a  quick layout?

Then I picked up all the pink colors in the kit and scrapped a page for Piglet.  I used the pink papers and clipped it to the alpha and the circle frames.

So for your freebie today, I've got the pink cluster frame.  I love how Natalie included a safety pin in this kit. It really adds a nice touch to the the ribbon.  You can also find a freebie at Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog.  Make sure you head on over to Natalie's Blog to grab this collection and her freebie too.  Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Templates on Hold

It's Saturday morning.  I know that you usually check in and find a new template freebie week after week.  I just wanted to let you know that I need to take a short break from templates for a little bit.  I do have several of them that are in the works for you, but I need to channel some extra time into family life right now.  Don't worry, I'll be popping back soon enough.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Brave Fate From Kellybell Designs

The latest Disney movie Brave features the newest princess named Merida who's not quite a girly-girl princess.  She's defiant, argumentative and into archery, fighting and riding horses.  Brave is a wonderful story that naturally has a happy ending.  While any Disney princess is popular with little girls, Merida is also pretty hip for little boys as well.  Today Kellybell Designs has a new collection that celebrates Princess Merida called....

The colors in this kit are so deep and rich.  The patterns are bold and of course you'll find some plaids too.  There's 15 papers and over 50 elements along with a gold metallic alpha.  You'll find a Merida doll, castle tower, castle wall, Celtic knots, bow and arrows, banners, tree, ropes, flairs, bulls-eye, sword, journal tags, ribbons, flowers, shield, hatchet, buttons and so much more.  If you're a collector of Kelly's princess kits, then 'A Brave Fate' is one that you'll need to have in your Disney scrapping stash.

Take a look at these 5 gorgeous word art titles.

Make sure you add the page starters and papers stacks to your shopping cart.  I know I can't live without them!

While this is a princess kit that's fabulous for scrapping your meet and greets with Merida, this kit is also great for scrapping photos for Canada, Norway, Stitch, Sword In the Stone and lots more.  Head on over to to pick up this collection for 25% off this weekend only.

There's so many fun ways to scrap using this kit.  And if you use the page starters and paper stacks, you can get your layout done pretty quick!  Here's a page that I made using 'A Brave Fate'.  It uses one of the paper stacks, which I rotated, a cluster frame from the page starters and a word art title.  See how easy that was to create a layout!!

Now that you've made it to the end of the blog post, it's time to gather up some goodies from the Creative Team.  Your freebie path today is Julie's Blog, Kelly's Blog and Roxana's Blog.  Have a wonderful weekend and be brave!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Template Freebie #75

My Saturday is insanely busy today so I'm doing a short post and run.  I wanted to let you know that I love all your wonderful comments about my templates and other freebies I offer.  I certainly enjoy reading them!!  

Here is the layout inspiration.  I love taking photos of all the Disney parades.  The floats and costumes are always so vibrant and colorful!

And here is Template Freebie #75.  Hope you enjoy a fabulous weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Add Some Extra Zing With Pixie Dust And Dates

It's time to stock up your scrapping stash with some new sets of pixie dust and date elements.  If you're scrapping a Disney page, sprinkling on some pixie dust is a must-do for almost every layout.  It adds pizzazz and sparkle and a beautiful hint of magic.  And of course, dating your layouts is essential.  It's fun to have different varieties of date stamps, stickers and tags.  Today, Kelly is announcing 3 new packs of pixie dust and dates.


Pixie Dust Vol 5 has multi-colored sparkles and shapes in long sweeping trails.  Pixie Dust Vol 6 has circular patterns that also include a crown.  Both add some fabulous bling to any layout.


Take a look at this latest volume of Simple Dates.  You get 3 tags in different shapes along with a top layer of stitching.  You can mix and match with 7 different date stamps.  All of them can be recolored or you might choose to clip a paper to it.


All of Kelly's newest collections are available at her store at and are 25% off for this weekend only.

Kelly has also put several alphas, embellishments and mini kits that were offered in the past as either a Facebook Freebie or a Mousescrappers Participation Prize.  Check you stash and see if you already have these.  If not, now's your opportunity to purchase it from the store.

And now for some scrapping inspiration, here is a page that I made with Kelly's Pixie Dust and Simple Dates.  I tucked the date tag into the bottom word art cluster and sprinkled some pixie dust in 2 places.

Kelly's Creative Team has made you some freebies with a little bling to them.  Follow the pixie trail to Jamie's Blog, JessicaP's Blog and Lisa's Blog to find your treasures today.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shabby Gal From Natalie's Place Designs

When you are scrapping Disney layouts, the one thing you quickly realize is that you can never have enough kits for scrapping Mickey and Minnie.  These characters dress in so many different outfits and you can find them all over the parks and character dining places.  That's why I was so excited to see Natalie's newest kit for Minnie Mouse that has a beautiful vintage shabby feel to it.

The Shabby Gal kit contains 12 papers (one cut as a mat), 4 flowers, two frames, 6 hearts, 3 leaf elements, 4 buttons, a clip, two bows, a scrap of lace, a berry pick, a ricrac, 7 ribbons, a stitch line, a flourish stamp, 2 scraps of torn paper, a heart scatter, two overlays,  a punched circle,  a string, 2 swirl elements, a staple, a teacup, a tag, 2 word tags, and 2 alphas.  I just love that big white daisy!

To compliment the kit, you can also buy the matching word art and page starters.

You can find all of Natalie's collections at her store at Natalie's Little Corner of The World.  And if you purchase the bundle, you get to save a little money!

There's also a template pack today too called Punch It Out Vol 1.  Natalie has been experimenting with different template styles and formats.  This set has some gorgeous masks and fun circle punch outs.

I love all of Natalie's papers.  They just seem to mix and match so well together.  So it's easy to use heavy patterns and textures together on a layout.  Here's my first layout.  It uses one of the page starter frames.

This layout uses the Punch It Out templates.

For your freebies today, Natalie's team is making paper stacks.  It was Lisa's fabulous idea for us all to make a paper stack.  Now you'll be getting a full set of 4 papers after you visit with Cynthia's Blog, Lisa's Blog and Natalie's Blog.  Enjoy and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Merging Templates

One of the coolest things about digital scrapbooking is that everything can be tweaked, changed, erased, merged, blended, or transformed.  You can change the color of an element or adjust the texture and brightness of papers.  Today we're going to talk about merging 2 templates together.  Sometimes when you're looking through all the templates you have in your stash, you might want to blend pieces from 2 different templates together.  Let's take a look at 2 Scrap Orchard Template Tuesday examples.

I like the vertical paper strips and photos on this template but would like something more splashy for the background.

This template has fabulous starburst stripes and I'd like to use all these stripes for the background in the first template.  So let's take the best of both these templates and blend them together.

To get started, open up both templates.  To quickly copy and paste across images, I'll need to "cascade" the images into the active window.  You can do that in one of 3 ways.  On the left side, you can double click on the file name.  In the middle you can click on Window/Images/Cascade.  On the right side, you can double click on the little button with the 2 rectangles stack on one another.  

All 3 of these ways will cascade your open images and line them up into small image boxes in your active window panel.  You can grab each window and move them around a little bit to see what's inside better.

Now let's get our first template ready and positioned where we want these new layers to go.  If you single click on the first template, it will bring up all the layers into the layers palette.  I'm selecting the bottom background layer.  All the new layers that will be pasted in will be positioned directly above this layer.

Let's go to our second template and highlight all those paper strips that we want copied.  Now simply drag those highlighted layers and drop them onto the first template.  You'll need to move the grouping around a little bit to position them from edge to edge.  To exit the cascade mode, you can double click on the file name and it will return that file as the single image in the active window.

Voila! I've got a brand new merged template to start scrapping with.  

There's so many fun ways to merge pieces together in the digital scrapping world.  Have fun experimenting this week!